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About Service Dispatch Systems, Inc.

Service Dispatch Systems has been developing software for the contracting industry for 22 years. Originally released as a dispatching system, the package continued to evolve year after year. SDS introduced the industry's first six-tier flat rate book, and later expanded the software to include inventory and accounting functions. Beginning in 1998, SDS did what its competitors chose not to do: completely rebuild its software for the 21st century rather than sit on its laurels. SDS has the most committed team of developers in the contracting business, and our product proves it.

SDS Dennis E. Smith

Dennis E. Smith - President and CEO

Dennis Smith (101st Airborne Division paratrooper) has 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry, and for 30 years ran a successful California HVAC service company licensed in five different trades. He founded SDS in 1988, and has dedicated the last 22 years to developing the ultimate software package. He calls the shots and sets the agenda for how Command Post 3000 functions. Dennis is the biggest critic of SDS software, which is why Command Post 3000 has evolved into the industry's best program under his leadership.

Dennis has supervised the work of over three dozen programmers and software specialists during the creation and evolution of Command Post 3000, insuring that the package would not only meet his own high standards, but that it would also meet the needs of the largest possible cross-section of customers in the service and contracting industries. As a result, Command Post 3000 is one of the most battle-hardened software packages on the market.


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