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SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Command Post 3000 includes a complete accounting system that is fully integrated with the rest of the program. The system incorporates many features of the best accounting packages commercially available, while targeting the primary concerns of individuals running a service company's accounting department. You really can't achieve this by merely providing a link to a 3rd-party package (which our competitors have generally done), but most software companies don't want to invest the time and effort into "building a better accounting mousetrap," so they don't. Service Dispatch Systems has a different philosophy: we're committed to providing a package that's truly complete in all respects. You don't buy a car without an engine — why buy business software that can't grow with you as your accounting needs become more complex?.

SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable View Invoices
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This is a glimpse of the Vendor window in the Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable module. The complete status of each individual vendor, and the default General Ledger distribution accounts for the vendor's invoices, are easy to review and act upon. Subcontractors are identified here, and the appropriate paperwork (1099s, etc.) flagged for generation at the correct intervals. User selections at the bottom of the screen allow display of open vendor invoices ("All," "Unpaid," or "Due"), and the summary line in the center of the screen shows the aging status of total balances from all open invoices.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable Amend Invoices
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Amending invoices is also a key utility in any Accounts Payable system. The images to the left can be clicked to be viewed in a larger format, so that you can review each of the applicable functions that govern the invoice amendment process. Distribution of amended invoice amounts to various applicable General Ledger account numbers is handled here, as are any other required adjustments to the invoice.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable Pay Invoices
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Application of payments to a given Vendor Invoice allows separate entry of tax and discount amounts for reporting and tax filing purposes. Checks can be automatically generated or flagged for manual check entry if necessary. The proper bank and checking account are identified so that the transactions are reflected in the correct place and the Cash GL accounts updated properly. Note that the bottom half of these screens remains fairly constant, providing the vendor invoice listing you've specified using the option buttons at the lower left.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable Reports
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Reports are not "hard-wired" in Command Post 3000's accounting modules (e.g., nine buttons to correspond to nine reports total). Rather, an expandable list of accounting reports is provided. As the system evolves, the reporting power of the accounting modules continues to grow. Service Dispatch System does, in fact, "take requests" for industry-specific reports that enhance the power of the Command Post 3000 built-in suite of accounting tools, and prioritizes them alongside its in-house list of desirable reports that are continually under development. This module, and our approach to it, illustrates our contention that our software will never be static, because our users' needs never stop evolving and growing. Room for growth is built in.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Payable Past-Due Aging Report
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As in all other cases throughout the Command Post 3000 system, you can always preview a report prior to sending out to your attached printers. The example to the left is a Past Due Aging Report for all vendors within the system. Unlike the Flat Rate printouts, which were designed to print on special custom preprinted paper available from Service Dispatch Systems, all accounting reports are designed to be printed on plain white paper. Check printing can be easily customized to utilize whatever check stock the user requires.
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