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SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivables are handled within the integrated Command Post 3000 accounting module. A "mini-receivables" window can be popped up when viewing any specific customer, which provides all basic functions without leaving the customer module. But full-bore receivables, with extended functionality, is provided as part of the accounting suite module.

SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables Invoices
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If the built-in "mini-receivables" panel for each customer window doesn't pack the firepower you need, then move straight to the full-function Accounts Receivable module within Command Post 3000. Like the mini-receivables, you can view the entire invoice history, pull up itemized line items for any invoice, payment histories, etc. But you can also search for any invoice from any customer, or look up multiple customer invoices and pull reports (from simple to elaborate) as required, which mini-receivables can't do (because mini-receivables is designed to provide overview information only for the currently selected customer).
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables Invoices
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Select an invoice to review the invoice line items one-by-one. Taxation can be applied on a line-by-line basis, just as with purchase orders, and the proper taxes applied based on your in-house practice. A voided invoice has a distinct red banner across the middle, and the process of voiding (or unvoiding) an invoice logs the user who initiated the action, and the date and time it occurred. Unlike the built-in "mini-receivables" that can be accessed from a customer window, this module permits editing line item descriptions for users with the necessary authorizations to do so.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables Invoices
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As with virtually all printable items in Command Post 3000, a customer invoice can always be previewed before printing. Different formats for invoices are available, with more formats to be developed in the near future. Ultimately, a customizable invoice system will become standard, which will allow you to pick which items you want to have appear on an invoice, and where you want them. Placement of your company's logo is available as a standard part of every software installation.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables Statements
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The mini-receivables portion of the customer window does not provide elaborate statement information (although some basic aging alerts are provided in the main customer window). Statements are generated from within the Command Post 3000 accounts receivable system, and can be either reviewed on-screen or printed out on hard-copy for review, or even faxed directly to the customer from Command Post 3000.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables Customer Statement of Account
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A preview of a customer's Statement of Account, which can be printed, faxed, or emailed to a client. The printing, faxing, or emailing of a statement is always date and time-stamped in the internal log, so that you can confirm that a customer should have received their statement, and get to the bottom of any tactics designed to interpose a payment delay to your business.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables Report Printing and Display
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The four basic accounts receivable reports in Command Post 3000 are the Aged Receivables, Invoice Register, Payment Register, and Sales Tax Report. An additional set of more advanced reports, set up in an expandable list of report options as is done in the Accounts Payable module, is also available. Provide the date range you're interested in, and either preview or print the desired report.
SDS Command Post 3000 Accounts Receivables Aged Receivables Report
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To the left is a preview of an Aged Receivables report for a given historic period. All accounts receivable reports are date and time stamped with the initials of the user requesting the printout. All reports can be either previewed, printed, faxed, or emailed from Command Post 3000.
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