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SDS Inventory


Inventory is integrated with the Flat Rate Book and Time & Material system, with the Work Order system, the Invoicing system,the Service Order system, the Accounts Payable system, and with the Employee Management system.

SDS Command Post 3000 Inventory Organization
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This is a "hierarchical" system broken down into categories, subcategories, etc. Each level of the inventory has its own color code, so you know which level you're on. This structure meets the demands of inventories containing a hundred parts, or a million parts. Navigation is simplified ten times over with this approach.
SDS Command Post 3000 Inventory: Purchase Order Parts Inventory Control
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All inventory items enter the system via a purchase order (except during the initial installation and set-up of Command Post 3000). The purchase order even looks like a purchase order. Clicking on a line item reveals its hierarchical breakdown. Add line items in seconds.
SDS Command Post 3000 Inventory: Purchase Order Receiving Control
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This purchase order is being used in Receiving Mode to track what has arrived on the warehouse dock. Irregularities are recorded and reported, and missed deadlines and no-ships flagged as they arise. The red tracking "cursor" scrolls instantly up and down the purchase order line items, giving a magnified "window view" of the ordered items line by line.
SDS Command Post 3000 Inventory: Purchase Order Locations Control
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Select a part and get the full story on it: how many of it are on hand and in which locations, how many are on order, on back-order, which service orders the items are to be applied to, plus a fully-detailed history of the part.
SDS Command Post 3000 Inventory:  Purchase Order Locations Control
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The Locations Control Module lets you create and delete locations (as general as "Warehouse 1" or as specific as "Glove Compartment of Truck No. 4") and transfer inventory (in whole or in part) from one location to another in one easy step.
SDS Command Post 3000 Inventory Screen
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Part tracking is done at two levels: the basics (how many on order, how much do they cost, where is my stock located, what's backordered, what service orders do the parts go with?) and history log generation (who changed the P.O. from 7 to 9 items on June 2, and when did he do it? how many parts were moved from the receiving dock to truck #3 on May 12, and by whom?) -- it's the ultimate in accountability processing.
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