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SDS Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking starts with potential leads as well as existing customers, extends to their installed equipment base (to track warranty expirations or maintenance intervals), and includes employee leads, tracking of vehicle maintenance, scheduling of inspections or permits, etc. Action items are brought to the user's attention on the required date.

SDS Command Post 3000 Lead Tracking
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The assignment of the lead to a specific user for follow-up is recorded and logged, and each subsequent action and result is logged into the system.
SDS Dispatch Screen 1
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Command Post 3000 tracks tasks that haven't been done yet, but need to be. You set the interval between alarms, and the appropriate users will have a yellow follow-up window pop-up on their screens letting them know what items are in danger of falling through the cracks. If the user ignores the warning, that fact is logged. This system holds users accountable who ignore those items. A built-in letter writing system further tracks results..

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