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SDS Command Post Time & Material

Time & Material

Billing by Time and Material (as opposed to Flat Rate) has been the standard for years, but Command Post 3000 brings some important new thinking to the mix by providing you powerful (and flexible) control of your bottom line, AND simplifying the invoicing process in the bargain.

SDS Command Post 3000 Time& Material: Regular
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Regular time (also known as straight time, at no premium charge) is configured using basic information that you customize to fit your competitive environment (including minimum diagnostic charges, truck charges, etc.). Each valid block of billable time has a simple associate code that is easy to understand: the letter "L" signifies regular labor charges, and the four digits behind the "L" translate to decimal hours. For example, two and a quarter hours of regular time is represented by L0225. You create your OWN Time & Material Book yourself with Command Post 3000, using a 4-tier system (as opposed to the 6-tier + Add-on system used in Flat Rate pricing). You select which tier represents your standard pricing, and which represents your discounted value rate for service contract customers, and print the pages on either your own paper or on special papers available from Service Dispatch Systems, Inc.
SDS Command Post 3000 Time & Material: Overtime
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Overtime charges apply once the technician's daily hours exceed the state-defined threshold. Command Post 3000 uses the letter "V" to precede the code for overtime charges (to avoid having the letter "O" occur in front of the number zero, which would only be confusing). While you can set the billable overtime rate to the standard time-and-a-half, Command Post 3000 doesn't force you to do so if you can't be competitive under those circumstances. If you're only interested in recovering the overtime wages, rather than marking them up fully, you can easily configure Command Post 3000 to deliver adjusted overtime pricing to meet that need.

SDS Command Post 3000 Time & Material: Holiday Pay
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Holiday time (double time) usually means you're paying your technicians double. As with overtime, Command Post 3000 doesn't require you to double billable rates if doing so is anti-competitive in your market (see above on overtime). All holiday time codes are preceded by the letter "H." The first three pages of the Time & Material book you produce with Command Post 3000 will be the Regular Time, Overtime, and Holiday Time rate pages at the tier levels you've selected. The rest of the book includes all the inventory items you've tagged for inclusion in the Time & Material book, which are marked up according to your configured tier structures. Each inventory item has its own code as well, to simplify invoicing at the end of a job.

SDS Command Post 3000 Time & Material Breakdown
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You configure your own Time & Material system, and determine your own minimums, labor markups, even the routing of proceeds to special employee funds to cover vacation, tools, training, etc., if you wish to do so. Once you make changes, you're ready to reprint your Time & Material books to put into the hands of your technicians and/or salesmen. You always know exactly where you stand, and how you've arrived at your pricing schedules, with Command Post 3000.

SDS Command Post 3000 Time & Material Print Routines
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As with the Command Post 3000 Flat Rate System, you print your own Time & Material books directly out of Command Post 3000. You can customize what will appear in various bands on the special customized papers available from Service Dispatch Systems, Inc., so that you can speak to your customers in your own way. You can reprint the entire book, or selected pages, as desired. You can also prepare multiple books at different tier levels, which can often be appropriate based on the nature of the clientele you service.

SDS Command Post 3000 Install Contract Screen
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With most installation companies, getting costing and sales commissions paid on a timely basis is hampered by the lack or tardiness of material coming in from the field, coupled with poor communication between salespeople, the office, and the field staff. Tracking begins in the salesman's flat rate book, which generates the estimate and the breakdown for the system. All material is printed and relayed to the construction manager with a complete inventory and equipment breakdown. A flat rate job number is assigned to every new system, which is then pulled from existing jobs and tweaked to meet the needs of that individual customer. Using the job number permits immediate costing, which pays the salesman, pays the mechanics, pulls stock from inventory, and gives the owner an immediate breakdown of profit. You often encounter jobs you regretted taking on, but with this system that should only happen once, because it can identify and eliminate jobs that aren't costed properly, while preventing your salesmen from being either underpaid or overpaid. This only scratches the surface of how Command Post 3000 puts control back in your hands.

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